Good wholesale textile companies pay attention to the smallest details, and it’s those little things that both make your life easier and make the products perform every task and fulfill every need you may have.

So consider the way Hunt Textiles wholesale towels will save you time, energy and money…before you even pull them out of the box to mop up their first spill:

Hunt Textiles route-ready wholesale shop towels arrive ready to use straight out of the box. There’s no need to wash the towels. No need to then dry the towels. No need to worry about stiffness or running colors. They simply arrive pre-washed, pre-bleached and ready for use at oil and lube centers, car washes, auto repair shops and industrial manufacturing centers. Hunt towels maintain the highest degree of both quality and consistency from shipment to shipment. And the result is towels that save on laundry time, drying energy, and overall expenses.

Our complete line of shop towels are full of these critical, detail-oriented benefits, including:

  • Industrial strength
  • 100% cotton
  • High absorbancy
  • Excellent consistency from shipment to shipment
  • Variety of colors, including red, blue and natural-washed
  • Availability of either 18×18 or 18×36 sizes

Our shop towels can also be purchased unwashed and unbleached, if you prefer to do it yourself.

Contact our wholesale linen experts for more information, or check out our entire textile products catalog of top-quality industrial wholesale linens.