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Napkins — An Easier (and Cheaper!) Way to Spice Up Your Dining Room

On second thought, don’t put that napkin on your lap.

Let’s say you’re jonesing for a color change in your dining room. But perhaps you like your tablecloths (the most dramatic change you could make), or maybe you simply can’t afford new tablecloths (although at Hunt, we offer superior textiles that are both high-quality and affordable).

Meet the new way to liven up your dining room — Hunt’s dynamic lines of… wholesale napkins?

Simple. Easy. Affordable. Desperately overlooked.

New napkins can add a much-needed splash of color to your dining room, allow you to change up and diversify your table themes more often, and breathe fresh life into your dinner parties without having to buy new tablecloths each time you’re itching for a change (and they’re functional too!).

Hunt’s exclusive napkin lines feature everything you’re looking for. From Murata Air Jet Spun to Signature Plus to the Damask HD lines, our napkins come in more than 25 color choices, and can quickly deliver the punch you need.

All of our table linens:

  • Stay largely wrinkle-free when handled properly, and don’t lint, snag, or pick.
  • Have either lock-stitched hems or heat-fused corners.
  • Are extremely colorfast.
  • Boast excellent absorbency and a soil release finish
  • Outlasts cotton, blends, and cheaper polyester products many times over.
  • Are available in large inventories for immediate shipment.

Check out our complete catalog of top-quality wholesale table linens, or call one of our Dallas-Ft. Worth wholesale linen experts who can help you revitalize your dining room today.

Wrinkle-Free Tablecloths?

Many companies now advertise wrinkle-free wholesale table linen.   Innovations in polyester material the last decade have come closer in achieving a truly wrinkle-free product but to this day there is still no such thing as a wrinkle-free tablecloth.  The best way to insure a nicely finished tablecloth is to have it processed with a commercial flat-work iron.  This isn’t always possible so here a few ways to reduce wrinkling and improve the look of your tablecloths:

  • Load washer to 1/2 capacity.  Remove linens promptly
  • Load dryer to 1/2 capacity
  • Allow tablecloths to finish on a cool down cycle
  • Remove tablecloths promptly from dryer
  • Allow tablecloths to set (folded neatly or hung) for 24 hours

The Polyester of Today – Synthetic Cotton

“I need a napkin that is 100% cotton or a Blend , that is durable, and that doesn’t fade”  This is a request I recently received from a potential customer.  Decades ago cotton was the only option available for napkins and tablecloths.  Today the better polyester products on the market address the short falls of an all cotton product.  I like to call it “Synthetic Cotton” because much of the polyester product today has the look and feel of cotton with the benefits of a synthetic product.

Napkins and tablecloths made from Murata Air Jet Spun polyester offer the following benefits over 100% cotton:

  • Murata Jet Spun Tablecloths & NapkinsConsistency – Because polyester wrinkles less and holds color better than all cotton the polyester product will provide a more consistent look.  The best a 100% cotton product will ever look is the day you take it out of the carton.  A blend or 50/50 product begins losing the cotton fiber immediately once the product is laundered and eventually leaves the napkin being a limp piece of polyester.
  • Non linting – The better polyester napkins and tablecloths on the market do not lint and leave fibers on clothing.  Cotton by nature loses fiber and does lint.  There are some better cotton products that will lint less but are priced at a tremendous premium.
  • Cost to own – The better polyester products will outlast cotton many times over.  Add in the fact that polyester dries faster and there is a nice energy savings as well.  Finally, chemicals such as chlorine bleach do not destroy the fibers of polyester like it does cotton.
  • Absorbency – The few places that I still see a cotton napkin generally have so much starch in the napkin that it makes it really hard to say that cotton absorbs better than polyester.  In fact the better polyester on the market today does absorb, oftentimes better than cotton.