Whole Kitchen Towels

Towels are starting to get holes, stains that can’t be removed, and are linting everywhere. It’s time for replacements, but inevitable questions arise for a value-motivated consumers:

How long should kitchen towels last? How can I make sure I’ve gotten my money’s worth? How can I maximize my investment in high-quality towels?

Three main factors effect the answer:

  • Towel Use
  • The uses of Hunt towels are simply endless — bar mopping, general purpose wiping, low-lint cleaning and more. But towel longevity might vary with each type of drying job.

    Extensive exposure to chemicals, rough surfaces or corrosive materials will inevitably take a harsher toll on your towels. Meanwhile, simple absorption of water won’t. Fortunately, we provide towels specifically designed for all sorts of different tasks. Pick the right towel for the right situation, and you’ll see why an investment in our durable, super-absorbent, high-quality fabrics pays off in the end.

  • Towel Construction
  • Microfiber. Organic. Cotton. Synthetic. We make towels from all sorts of materials, while maintaining an equal commitment to quality and durability in each. But the construction elements of different kinds of kitchen towels do, in fact, make a difference in how long each type will last.

    For example, our new microfiber towels are among the most durable, most absorbent and longest-lasting in the industry. The towels are known to perform for hundreds of washings, while only increasing in softness over time. Our more traditional cotton towels require more care.

  • Towel Laundering
    1. Use bleach with white towels only, and try to avoid chlorine bleaches with cotton towels. Hydrogen peroxide will provide the same results as chlorine bleach without the harming effects that chlorine bleach can have.
    2. Avoid fabric softeners which will reduce absorbency.
    3. Overdrying and excessive drying temperatures will reduce life expectancy as well as the absorbency of the towels.
  • Poor or abusive laundering techniques can shorten the life and effectiveness of your towels. Here are some easy strategies to avoid this: