Here’s a way one of our wholesale linen products are helping reduce both costs and contamination in hospitals:

According to the Environmental Protection Agency,

Many floor cleaners used in hospitals contain harsh chemicals such as quaternary ammonium chlorides and butoxyethanol, which can be harmful to human health and the environment. To reduce the risk of cross-contamination for patients, conventional mopping techniques require janitors to change the clean­ing solution after mopping every two or three room — meaning that cleaning solutions (including both chemicals and several gallons of water) are constantly being disposed of and replenished.

Microfiber Looped End Wet Mop

The answer, the EPA says, are microfiber mops—made from a dense polyester/polyamide fiber blend that can hold six times its weight in water. The human hair-thick fibers also attract dust, and can penetrate the tiny pores where dirt and germs hide in most floors. The mops are light and durable, easy to clean, and spread less contamination than regular cotton mops.

In fact, a study done at the University of California Davis Medical Center in Sacramento showed that microfiber mops reduce chemical use and disposal by 95 percent, reduce cleaning times for patient rooms, and reduce custodial staff injuries and workers’ compensation claims. Economic benefits included a 60 percent average lifetime cost savings for mops, and 20 percent labor savings each day.

At Hunt Textiles , we understand that contamination has absolutely no place in hospitals, and it’s our aim to reduce costs and ease life for those that use our products. Our cleaning products do everything possible to eliminate these problems. Our microfiber looped end wet mops:

  • Feature 80” polyester/20% polyamide blend
  • Outperform other conventional cotton, blended, and synthetic wet mops
  • Clean floors better and dry faster
  • Boast outstanding durability and color retention
  • Are energy efficient
  • Include bartacked double tailband

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