Microfiber products have been around for years now.  They first gained acceptance in Europe.  Several years ago we began seeing microfiber towels on the shelves of major retailers and microfiber cleaning products in hospitals.  Now it looks like microfiber is becoming accepted in the retail and commercial marketplaces on a larger scale.

While microfiber towels have been applauded for years in the industry for their longevity, superior cleaning, and non lint attributes, the price tag held many people back.  As the economy and overall business climate has become more competitive people have begun to realize that a towel that lasts longer is a better investment.  Initiatives to become more “Green” have prompted many to reduce paper usage.  Rising energy costs over the last several years have also made many people take a second look at microfiber and take the plunge as microfiber doesn’t require near the energy to dry as an all cotton towel.

Where are microfiber towels being used today?  All sorts of places you might not have thought of before.  Many food service establishments such as restaurants and clubs are now using microfiber terry towels as their standard wiping towel.  Microfiber glass towels are being praised for their great absorbency and no lint cleaning on glassware and silverware.  Many car washes are now using microfiber towels, in more than one style for a variety of specific applications.   Hospitals have been using microfiber terry towels and mop pads for years, now microfiber honey comb towels are being used in surgery, replacing 100% cotton towels.

Will Microfiber towels totally replace cotton? No.  But there is no doubt that the acceptance of microfiber towels will grow in the years ahead.