What are the thickest, most plush bath towels that you offer?  This is a common question that I receive from a number of our current and potential customers.  Over the last several years there has been a trend towards heavier and thicker towels.  Weights up to 22 pounds per dozen are now a common offering from many suppliers in the wholesale linen industry.  These heavier towels range from 30×60 to 40×70 in size.

Just because a towel is bigger and heavier may not make it the best selection for customers and guests.

  • Just as important as the weight is the construction of the yarns used in the towel.  Towels made with longer staple yarns made on shuttle-less looms absorb better and last longer than towels made with shorter staple yarns that have more impurities.
  • The drying time and cost of energy is more with these heavier towels.  Many laundries can attest to this point. Have you ever stayed in a hotel and the towel felt damp?  When this is the case it is usually one of the oversized towels.
  • Thinner towels often ABSORB BETTER than the heavier towels.  I test and evaluate many of the products we offer and find that the thinner towels absorb better.
  • Cost!  Generally a towel that is lighter in weight will cost less.

There will always be a demand and in some cases a legitimate need for the heaviest towel available but all too often the next step down will satisfy the needs of the user just fine.