Tom Hunt

Has led Hunt Textiles for over 30 years. In this time period Tom has formed many long standing relationships with customers and suppliers that allow Hunt Textiles to continue to thrive today. Mr. Hunt has been a part of many changes in the industry over the last 40 years. He has helped pioneer and develop many new products as well as brining many new innovative ideas to the industry. Tom’s long time motto of “Do It Right and Do it Right Now” continues to guide Hunt Textiles to this day.

Rob Hunt

Since the early days of his childhood Rob has been around the business. Today he is an integral part of the overall day to day operation of Hunt Textiles. He takes great pride in seeing that Hunt Textiles is constantly servicing it’s customers to the best of its ability. Developing new markets, maintaining personal relationships with customers and suppliers, managing inventory, and initiating new and efficient systems, Rob is dedicated to the future of Hunt Textiles.

Lyn Kelley

With nearly 20 years in the business, Lyn brings a great deal of experience to the company. She oversees all accounts receivable and accounts payable matters to see that they are handled in a quick, accurate, and efficient manner. She is also in charge of working with customs brokers to see that all documentation and paperwork is in order to help insure timely receipt of imported container shipments. Lyn also is charge of seeing that Hunt Textiles is using and finding the most cost effective and reliable freight carriers that are available. Well known with customers and suppliers, Lyn is key part to the success of Hunt Textiles.